Montalcino & the fortress at Montalcino

This would be ..the last cowboy song or arrvividerchi(?) roma….take your choice….this is our last post until we get home.Tomorrow AM we head to Rome & the following day fly home…..home, sweet home.

Today we went back to Montalcino as the last time we were there it was fo a winery tour only. Check the shots of the fortrees from 1300.

Miss everyone; poor Mom is pooped….see you all soon.






Easy Sunday

This morning was easy we went into Pienza again for a closer look. Its only 15 min from Castelmuzio. A very nice town;crowded this AM as it is Sunday.This is the home of Pope Pius 2 from about 1500AD. He was a member of the Piccolomini family. As usual a rich & prosperous family. We toured his palace here;kept in original form & apparently the best kept aristocratic palace of the 1400th century.

Castelmuzio & Cortona

We we originally supposed to leave our agrituristimo here in Castelmuzio & head toward Rome today. However there was a cancellation so we are staying on & leaving directly to Rome on Wednesday for a Thursday depart. This allows us to base here and continue our hill-town tours. Today we saw Cortona…….Frances Mayes story & multiple books of “under the tusan sun”. A few pics attached….




From Wynanne

Well we are taking it easy today – too much pici last night.  I still cant get used to eating so late.  Last night we didn’t start until 8:30 – 8:45.  Then you have this huge dinner.  This agriturisimo is not just a place to stay but a unique experience.  Isabella and Carlo have really gone beyond everything to make this a wonderful Tuscan holiday.  We have learned so much from them, history, family ties, traditions, etc.  We are extending our stayhere until Wed, morning, our little place was open so we decided to make it our home base.  We won’t be participating in the new weekly plan so we will do some touring on our own. 

By the way, I have had a religious epiphany here.  I am worshiping a new God.  It is the God of Tom Tom, aka, GPS. She (she has a female voice so I am assuming a female God), has changed our lives dramatically.  We never quarrel or shout anymore.  Sometimes she gets confused, but she always gets us home.  We probably would still be in the Rome airport if she was not our guide!!

We are both getting ready to come home.  We miss you all, especially, Grace, April, Kyler and Isabella.  Granny sends you love and kisses.  Will be great to see everyone Sunday night.  Hamburgers sound wonderful, also a glass of water with ICE and a huge DRINK!!

Love to all, Mom

Montepulciano & Cretaiole

Yesterday was great; all around. The weather improved..sunny & 26C and we had 3 very intersesting experiances.1- tour of the “iccary” vineyards and winery.We toured the fields & got an indepth explaination of DOC & DOCG wine standards & requirements. Then we toured their new winery (finished 3 yrs ago) & it is here their prize is the Nobile de Montepulciano & a “reservea”. It was topped off with a great lunch & liberal tasting of 5 of their vintages.2&3-A “pici” making class….that was a hoot!! Wynanne wants to run one when we get home. Its a spagetti type pasta but heavier & lends itself to a ragu sauce.Everything that was made we ate with wild boar ragu, & BBQ pork sausage, pork ribs, & of course wine,wine and more wine…..finished with a little grappa.

Stumbled home to bed & this AM we are sleeping in



Benadictine Monks

Both these 2 monistaries are from the Benadictines. The 1st Santa’Anna is older & currently leased out to a local couple who run it as a agrituristimo. We had dinner here last nite.

The 2nd is the world HQ for the Oliveto order of Benadictines; these are the ones that wear the white robes.These monks are so highly regarded that they do not report to the bishop but rather directly to the Pope himself.